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Relasionship Help??

I'm stuck in a rut on if i should try and get into another relationship. You guys wanna help?
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  • BenHimejima
    BenHimejima i say date when you're ready again and date in real life over dating online.
  • SeizeTheMemesOfProduction
    SeizeTheMemesOfProduction nah ur strong and independent, fuck relationships
  • QIsKarma
    QIsKarma Yeah who needs relationships when you have friends and eventually those friends you start to fall in love with and then you never have the balls to ask them out and then when you do you're put into the friend zone forever the mental breakdown begins as yo...  more
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  • SeizeTheMemesOfProduction
    SeizeTheMemesOfProduction ^well you just answered the question of why your friends don't want to date you, you're unpleasant and clingy
    May 16