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Do you believe in destiny / fate?

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    September 3, 2015 9:16 AM EDT

    I had this discussion with a friend - I have no idea but I'd love to hear your opinions

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    October 23, 2015 10:57 PM EDT

    I believe our fates are our own. We can choose what we become. The future is always changing and there are an infinite amount of possible destinies. If we give ourselves to the idea that our fates are predetermined we are little more than slaves to the events in our world and we will contribute nothing to ourselves or the world.  I suppose thats a decent response, right?

  • December 13, 2015 11:45 PM EST

    Part 1 : Free Will >>>

    How much do you know about Parallel Universes & Higher Dimensions ?
    I Think it has something to do with that !

    I Believe that there is one four dimensional reality which we live in. 3 Dimensional world or x, y & z, + fourth dimension which is time !

    But this three dimensional universe needs to walk through fourth dimension, which means it moves between different timelines based on actions that happen by four dimensional creatures such as us or even Electrons and Protons !

    Whatever happens the universe is walking through time and our decisions are painting this timeline as history as we walk on the line of time !

    So we are not forced to live in a specific timeline, We can decide and our decisions make the timeline we live in !

    Part 2 : Fate / Destiny >>>

    The fact that we make the history doesn't mean dimensions higher than time depend on time, Because still these are higher dimensions defining the lines of time, So different histories and different lines of time are known to us, Yes even us, Humans !

    We knows that If this happens then If that happens then we'll be moving on timeline named "x" else we will be moving on timeline named "y" ! We know the results of our decisions, We know the timelines !

    But the fact that we know our fate does not mean that we have no free will to decide !

    Part 3 : God >>>

    For those who believe in a God who is the just & ultimate knower, There is a Question :

    If I can decide my fate, Then God is not the Ultimate knower !
    If I can't decide my fate, Then God is Unjust !
    What is the answer to this Question ??

    Actually, The question is wrong ! Yes there's no contradiction between Knowing the future and the fact of free will !

    God is the ultimate knower so he knows what future has for us, He even knows what we decide, So he exactly knows which timeline human race chooses to walk on !
    But he just knows, Did he ever forced any man to decide something he / she doesn't want ?
    Never !
    So if he punishes a sinner, it won't be unjust !
    Yeah he knew that this guy is a sinner and he knew that this guy was going to do wrong, And he knew that this guy was going to be punished ! But this doesn't mean that he forced the guy to do anything !

    He knew that guy's "Decision", which means he know what that guy "Decides" with his free will !
    Anything which is decided by freewill is Punishable or Rewardable !

    Conclusion :

    There is both Destiny and Free will, And if there is a God, He knows our fate and he gave us free will !
    There is no contradiction between knowledge of God and our free will cuz he just knows, He never forces us !

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    December 14, 2015 4:27 AM EST

    Personally, we'd rather sip some bear and let life be. We'd never know either way.

  • December 14, 2015 8:02 AM EST

    [blockquote]TheDude said:

    Personally, we'd rather sip some bear and let life be. We'd never know either way.


    Wrong !
    This is erasing the question instead of giving the answer ...