• Okay, so I just wanted to ramble really about all of the insecurities that people have these days, because although I tend to be a self-conscious and insecure person, I've recently had the revelation that is: "who on earth actually gives a shit?" because although all these tiny imperfections may mean the world to you, most people barely even notice them. In fact, some people (the right kind of people) will love your imperfections, because they make up who you are. I don't understand why we bother changing ourselves so that every individual can look like the clone that is defined as "perfection" or "worthy enough of attention". I think it's wrong and that everyone should be whoever the hell they want to be - because being yourself is how you stand out to people - whether it's in a good way or a bad way. Let's face it, whatever you do, some are going to hate it but others are going to love it - the most important thing is that you love it. 

    Insecurities shouldn't exist as far as I'm concerned, but unfortunately they do and we therefore need to face them. Almost everyone has their own insecurity, but it's you who gets to decide whether to keep yours or not.

    That's just my point of view and I hope some people can agree ( sorry for the ramble ) :p